Being a child in the 90s was great, television shows like Power Rangers, Batman the Animated series, and anything on the Toonami line up graced our televisions. Things like Pokemon were on the rise, and some of the best games of the Nintendo 64 era were being released. One in particular that I have always had fond memories of is Donkey Kong 64. This game was so advantageous, with so much packed into it that it needed a special memory expansion pack just to play it.

Among the vast number of collectibles this game had, it also included a nod and faithful homage to its arcade roots. Within one of the levels of the game there is an arcade cabinet that allows you to play the original 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game. The graphics were obviously a step down from what he N64 could handle, but something about the game felt special, it was too difficult to put down, something compelled you to keep jumping over barrels and climbing ladders. Trying so hard to rescue the fair maiden from the clutches of the colossal ape.

I have always had a deep love for anything related to the Donkey Kong games and the original arcade game is no different. I also enjoy the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. Both games are incredible arcade classics with a lot of variety and character. Both games have seen many versions on other devices and consoles, one of which I used to play on a handheld device no bigger than a wrist watch. This tiny little console allowed you to play a simplified version of Donkey Kong Jr. and was essentially the closest thing to a Nintendo Gameboy I had for a time.

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