Popeye 1982

As a kid I had two heroes that I idolized. Number one was Batman, and number two had to be Popeye the sailor. Created way back at the tail end of the roaring 20s by E.C. Segar, Popeye was a hit comic strip that would go on to become a cartoon, a live action film, and a pop culture icon.

One of my favorite movies of all time, albeit a guilty pleasure, is the Popeye live action film starring Robin Williams. I used to love the film as a kid, but I also had a chance to play the old arcade game as when it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System. But, the game started back at the arcades with a company we all know and love.

First released in 1982 for the arcade, Popeye the arcade game was one of the first developed and published by Nintendo, even before Mario Bros. The game was even co-designed by Shigeru Miyamoto of Mario and Zelda fame. Although a much more simplistic game, Popeye found success for its visual style as it captured the feeling of the cartoons exceptionally well in the eyes of critics.

The player takes control of Popeye in the three main settings: the docks, the city streets, and the ship. Popeye must collect items that fall from the sky, whether it be musical notes, hearts, or letters, all while dodging projectiles from enemies, and eluding Bluto. And what would our hero be without his spinach? The spinach functions as a power up, similar to the hammer in Donkey Kong, allowing the player temporary invincibility and a free hit to score points on Bluto.

If you grew up watching, reading, or playing Popeye in any way, you owe it to yourself to come into Flynn’s Retrocade and play the game now! You won’t be disappointed when you come here and try out any of our games. Come into Flynn’s, be strong to the finish, and eat all your spinach, play Popeye the sailor man!

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