February 2020 –  Ms. Pacman

February is such a wonderful time to prepare to exchange Valentines and “would you be mines” with those special people that are closest to us. Its a time full of love, togetherness, and companionship. And what more notable companionship is there in gaming than PacMan and his female counterpart.

Although we were introduced to the Pac family with its patriarch, it is arguably Ms. Pacman that has been most fondly remembered in people’s hearts.

Despite being mostly speculation, many statistics and reports have lead to evidence that shows the bow wearing beauty being the superior title of the original games. There could be many reasons for this, but of particular note is the fact that the original Pacman’s player demographic was largely made up of female players. Stan Jaroki, a member of Midway at the time felt that Ms. PacMan would be a great way to thank the women who had contributed to PacMan’s success.

Ms. PacMan, released in 1982, ended up not only being a thank you note, but a phenomenal success that sparked even more buzz at the arcades. Like many games of the day, Ms. Pacman made its way onto numerous home consoles, among which was the Sega Genesis. It was said in 1996 that this version of the game was one of the top 20 best selling Genesis games, truly a testament to its rabid fans, and undeniable success.

Ms. PacMan is a game that has long been here at Flynn’s Retrocade, and it’s here for you to play anytime. So what are you waiting for? Come in and relive the golden age of arcade games with Ms. Pacman!

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