“It’s all in the Wrists”  — Flynn

Welcome to Flynn’s Retrocade!  A fun cool place to play over 40 classic arcade and pinball games, while enjoying mixed soda speciality drinks and hanging out with your friends.  80’s music is always in style.

Play Ms. Pacman, Centipede, Asteroids, Star Wars, and all the classic video games of generation X the way they were meant to be played–in an Arcade!

The emphasis is on the high score, not getting tickets for silly prizes or even completing a story.  The games are fun, quick, and challenging to master.  You’ll get better the more you play!  High Score winners are rewarded with free drinks! Please check out our high score book to see what the score to beat is.

All video games are on free play.  Pinball machines are only 50 cents per play.  Admission is $7 for an hour or $12 for an all day pass.  Punch cards are available.

Come hang out at Flynn’s Retrocade today and introduce real gaming to an entirely new generation.
Regular Hours
Noon – 10pm (Mon – Sat)
Closed Sundays
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