As you gear up for the month of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and more stuffing, we thought it best to highlight one of the food related games at Flynn’s Retrocade. Perhaps one of the more popular games to come out of the 80s arcade scene, not starring an overall-wearing plumber or hungry power pellet-munching yellow protagonist. BurgerTime is a fantastic title starring chef Peter Pepper, as he tries his best to build burgers before being busted by the fanatic food baddies.

The game was developed by a notable name from gaming eras of the past, Data East. You may recall their mark on the arcade scene and home consoles with titles such as Captain America and The Avengers, The Glory of Heracles series, and the Joe and Mac series. Burger Time was one of their original intellectual properties and was released in 1982. Since that time, people have enjoyed playing as the chef struggling to make good burgers.

An interesting fact about arcade games of the time, including games such as Burger Time was the advent of the DECO cassette system. This system allowed games like BurgerTime to be stored on a standard audio cassette which was then inserted into the arcade machine along with what was known as a security dongle. The program from the tape containing the game would then be transferred and copied onto the arcade game’s RAM chips and made ready to play. 

Further signifying its significance in arcade history, Peter Pepper and BurgerTime itself have appeared or been referenced in such recent films as Wreck-it-Ralph, and Pixels. It is one of the most beloved games to come out of the golden age of arcades and rightfully so. Spawning plenty of console ports and a few sequels, the game lives on with a fan base of gamers still competing for the highest score.

Whether it’s your first time hearing about this game or if you’ve played it until your eyes were sore, Burger Time is a true classic worth playing today. Come in to Flynn’s Retrocade today and enjoy this patty flipping, burger building, salt shaking masterpiece at 3626 W 5600 S Suite A, Roy, UT 84067.

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