Whenever you think about the arcade, things like PacMan, or Donkey Kong, or Galaga, come to mind, but one of the most tried and true genres in gaming began in arcades. The racing game genre. Many racing games have come and gone throughout the years in the arcades and on home consoles.

Some of my favorites as a kid were of course games like Mario Kart or Hydro Thunder, but with just about any and all racing games owe it to the classics such as RC Pro Am, or Super Off Road, just to name a few.

My family and I have many fond memories of racing both in and out of the virtual world, and more memories can be made with great games like Super Sprint at Flynn’s Retrocade. One of our most popular titles, Super Sprint allows for 3 player racing action, sure to get your blood pumping like the engines of the cars you’re racing.

I can recall one such blood racing occasion. I had over my girlfriend at the time to play some Mario Kart. She happened to be very confident in her skills. Perhaps more than she should have been. Feeling like I shouldn’t cause dissension between us I opted to let her play against my nephew who was there.

My nephew, who was about 5 years old at the time, played nothing but Mario Kart. You know how Sherlock Holmes makes investigative deductions, well that was how Russel, my nephew, played Mario Kart. In no less than two races of Russel placing first her bravado had turned to silent frustration. She then stated that she didn’t like video games anyway. 

No doubt, some of my fondest memories are spending time with family playing video games and competing. I can’t think of a better way to both compete and play video games than a game like Super Sprint at Flynn’s Retrocade. Come try this great racing game today at Flynn’s and make some great and lasting memories!


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