Party On at Flynn’s Retrocade

Flynn’s parties are the best. $165 for 2 hours, $100 for 1 hour. Unlimited fun, unlimited people! You can make a reservation right now by giving us a call at 385-333-7050. All the fun of the 80s is waiting for you to play and make lasting memories at Roy Utah’s Retro Arcade!

We have soda, pizza, and of course all the games you remember from the 80s! PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Mario Bros, and Tempest just to name a few are at Flynn’s, the best retro arcade in Roy, Utah! Come test your skills and play our games to achieve a high score, and if you score high enough you’ll win a free drink!

Feel free to come for an hour or the whole day with an hourly pass only costing $7 dollars, and $12 dollars for the whole day! Relive some of your greatest memories, create lasting new memories, and experience the thrills of the golden age of arcades with the faithful retro arcade sure to bring a power pellet shaped tear to any video gamers eye.

Smash koopas and flies in Mario Bros., shoot spaceships in games like Galaga and Blaster Master, craft burgers with Peter Pepper on BurgerTime, and zoom on lightcyles in Tron!

The possibilities are limitless here at Flynn’s Retrocade. It’s always a guaranteed blast when you come to Flynn’s and all without needing quarters. We have our games set to free play mode so you simply pay for the time you want to stay and you play uninterrupted for all that time.

Plus, if you love pinball, we have that too! Indiana Jones, Black Knight, and Spider-Man just to name a few of the tables we have for the pinball wizards out there. Play pinball and revisit the days of yesteryear.

Come in to Flynn’s Retrocade today, and see how high you can score!

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