Centipede 1981 Arcade Cabinet

Centipede is a game that sets a frenetic pace from the moment you start playing. One of the most successful games during the golden age of arcade gaming, Centipede garnered a huge amount of popularity. It’s no wonder why it is still one of the most popular games we have at Flynn’s Retrocade today. 

As part of the fixed shooter genre, Centipede drops you into an intense scene blasting bugs, mushrooms, and of course centipedes. The game was developed and produced by the original arcade titan Atari, in June of 1981. It’s two programmers were Ed Logg and one of the very few female programmers of the time Dona Bailey. Having worked in assembly language programming for General Motors, Bailey eventually gravitated toward the gaming world. Taking to the arcade world she soon joined up with Atari after learning that they used the same microprocessors as GM.

The game was designed with a female demographic in mind and ended up having one of the first significant female player bases along with arcade games like Pacman, Ms. Pacman, and Donkey Kong. The game has a great fan base and was a go to game for competitions back in its heyday. The world record high score is held by Jim Schneider at 16,389,547.

If you haven’t had a chance to play this amazing classic, come in to Flynn’s and play for awhile. If you get the high score for the month you can earn the Centipede marquee, and you can even go for the Flynn’s high score and get a free drink! You are always guaranteed to have a great time and a blast from the past here at Flynn’s.


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