I always loved coming to the arcade as a kid. I never grew up close to places like Disneyland, or any fancy amusement parks. My family rarely had the time and money to travel to such places. I grew up in a very small town and we didn’t have a lot when it came to video games or stores that carried them.

In fact we actually had to rent a whole gaming system, and even then it was only for a weekend from the rental store. Often, my brothers and I would spend a weekend playing Super Mario World, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the old Nintendo systems we rented. 

As a result of our lack of video games and gaming consoles, when we went to a bowling alley or a mall that also had an arcade as part of it, we felt like it was a real treat. In essence the arcade was like our Disneyland. Games like Double Dragon, Marvel’s X-Men, and Mortal Kombat were what we clamored to play when we stumbled upon these gaming havens. 

Nowadays, working for a great arcade like Flynn’s has allowed me to fulfil a childhood dream. The job is rewarding not only due to my love of gaming and preserving the past, but also seeing families and friends creating memories together.

Flynn’s Retrocade is a place where I get to see folks everyday relive old memories and make new ones. No matter how much time you have, you will always make lasting memories here. If you only have an hour that’s all it takes to ignite the spark of joy an arcade can bring. So come into Flynn’s today with your friends and family and make some great and lasting memories together.


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