General Info:

We do party reservations Monday through Saturday. You can reserve before we open from 10 am to Noon or after we close from 10 pm to midnight. It is $100 for an hour or $165 for two hours. This covers unlimited number of people on all machines that are on free play. Pinball games are .50 each game. We now require a $25  non-refundable deposit to hold your reservations.

Food and Drink:

You are welcome to bring in your own food or decorations. We have 2 tables and the counter and bar area that you are welcome to use if needed. We have a full soda bar featuring Coke and Pepsi products as well as 23 flavor choices. We can make arrangements to include drinks in your party for an extra fee based on number of guests. We do not have a liquor license and alcohol is not permitted.

Make A Reservation:

Check and see if the time you want is available on our calendar.

  • 02

    Correa Party

    10:00 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

  • 09

    Lewis Party

    10:00 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

  • 16

    Martinez Party

    10:00 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

  • 23

    Foster Party

    10:00 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

  • 30

    Presnell Party

    10:00 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

Then you can call us at 385-333-7050 or come in and see us.